Nivedita / GD1603223

About Me

Hi, I am Nivedita. I am from Hotel industry. Have been working abroad in Dubai and Maldives with five star hotels. I believe marriage is the most important part in life. Looking for a person who is very understanding, I don't believe in horoscope as I feel the person is more important. Our family is Atheist. So would like to be with a family of same kind. In my free time I like being with pets especially dogs, I even enjoy Painting / Drawing, Long Drives, Listening To Music, Nature trails, Volunteering / Social Service and Yoga / Meditation. I hope you would like to know more about me, if you do please leave a message. P.S - My earlier marriage just lasted for three months and it was never consummated. Would like to share more once we meet.

Basic Details

: 37 years

: 5.40 feet

: 65 Kg.

: Divorced

: Average

: Weathish Brown

: No

: Marathi

: Maharashtra

: Pune

: Hindu - Brahmin - Kokanstha


: Non Vegetarian

: No

: No

Family Details

: Liberal

: Nuclear

: Media Consultant

: Media Consultant

: Mumbai

: 1

: 0

: 0

: 0