Frequently asked questions

Here are some Dos and Don’ts while creating profile for you to get best match :
  1. Please read “Terms and Conditions” thoroughly before registration.
  2. Validate your contact details.
  3. While creating profile tell us about yourself briefly. You can do so in “About yourself” part.
  4. Try to keep your profile description brief and meaningful.
  5. Give us as much information as you can give about yourself like your likes and dislikes, your achievements, your future plans, etc. Describe your ideas about your life partner. While uploading your photo make sure that photo is latest. Profile with photo gets more response than that of without photo.
  1. Do not enter too lengthy description.
  2. Do not enter your contact details except allocated areas to it.
  3. Do not enter any racist or vulgar content in your profile. It will be violation of’s terms and conditions.
By registering on you can
  1. Create your profile on
  2. Post your photo.
  3. Create your Photo Album.
  4. Create partner preference
  5. Tell about yourself to others
  6. Search multiple profiles
  7. View multiple profiles
  8. Express interests in other members
  9. Give response to expressed interests
  10. Add your horoscope details
  11. Get information about recent visitors to your profile.

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We have tried at our best to include as many values as we can to minimize member efforts. However, if you are not able to get your particular information in some field you can choose “other” option. We request such member/s to give your feedback to us in that case with missing information to get it included.

If member wants to delete his profile he needs to contact and he is supposed to present proper evidence that proves the particular profile belongs to him. If evidence presented by him are acceptable, then will delete his profile from database.
To get instant help regarding registration you can contact us with the help of our helpline numbers. You can get the helpline numbers on “contact us” page.